About us

Dependable German engineering –
uncompromised quality

Our own quality control service consists of 12 technical experts in 4 countries. They define quality standards for components and end products, formulate selection criteria for manufacturing sites, create lists of required testing and machinery for the tests as well as hold tests for the products at each stage of their life cycle.

No product is featured in our catalogue without an approval from the QC service.

Apart from the QC service, mobile quality assurance inspectors work at every AM.PM production site, providing product acceptance.

As our products are sold worldwide, we impose strict requirements that are valid for the markets of our distribution. Our products and components have all the necessary certificates, including those that are discretionary. This list features main European standards: TÜV (Germany), DVGW (Germany), WRAS (France) and more

A uniform quality management system is applied at all the AM.PM’s engineering and manufacturing sites and meets ISO 9001:2015 requirements, providing uniform standards for all our products, regardless of where they are produced.

All products launched after 2015 are totally devoid of processing deficiencies: our service centres claim they have not received any reports of faulty products from customers or any product returns. The share of products that get complaints from the customers are as low as the industry’s lowest level – less than 1%

Jurgen Stoos, AM.PM Chief Engineer