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FlashClean — New generation of rimless toilets

FlashClean Sensation

We have created our most efficient, up-to-date and best ever toilet by learning from best practices and mistakes in the market.

FlashClean, unlike the competition in this market, doesn’t feature any plastic parts, which results in a more aesthetic, hygienic and lasting solution.

FlashClean not only meets the most demanding quality standards, it also embodies the latest, cutting-edge engineering – the combination of which has allowed us to create a truly perfect product.

FlashClean, true rimless WC

  • Clean

    FlashClean truly brings a new generation of rimless WCs. Thanks to its perfectly engineered bowl’s geometry, every area is accessible, leaving no hard-to-clean areas. All this, combined with innovative flushing water dynamics, makes AM.PM rimless toilets the most hygienic and germ-free product in the market today.

  • No oversplashing

    FlashClean’s bowl has been designed to completely eliminate over-splashing, which means it meets the most stringent EN requirements. According to the European standards, a lack of water drops is checked on the floor and our laboratory tests show FlashClean toilets have no water drops even on the cover placed on top of the bowl.

  • Eco

    FlashClean combines simple cleaning with an environmentally friendly approach. Through careful analysis and research, AM.PM have achieved a truly unique combination – an eco-friendly 4.5 litre flush and a fully washed bowl, leaving no unwashed areas to harbour germs. As a result, water consumption is reduced by 25% without compromising flushing efficiency.