A new take on minimalism - on-trend design now comes at a mass-market price.

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Looking for a cool look that will fit your budget? On-trend design as outstanding as this usually comes with a much higher price tag.

Compact design solution: narrow cabinet with deep and strong drawers that can comfortably take a load of 35kg will fit in even the smallest of bathrooms without sacrificing space.

A first to market from AM.PM: push anywhere, satisfyingly smooth, push-to-open drawers at an affordable price.

The latest on-trend colours and finishes — choose from gloss or matt enamels and wood effects.

Need more storage space? Just add an open shelf, available in all three designer finishes to create your own combination!

Eco-friendly and long-lasting polyacrylic enamels are applied using a special 7-layer painting technology that out-performs auto enamel processes from leading German brands and guarantees intense colour for 10 years in the least.

M90FHX07521 Vanity unit, 75 cm



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