First designer bathtub at a mass-market price: cutting edge Dynamic Organic style — organic shapes and perfected dynamic lines of human-crafted objects.

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Designed to be the main attraction in your bathroom – not a utility object but a designer item.

Exquisite details: ergonomic headrest - a growing trend and a distinctive premium feature for maximum neck relaxation.

One of the most comfortable bathtubs on the market: backrest, designed at a perfect 125-degree angle by the leading physicians, raises your level of comfort and allows you to be fully immersed in water.

Unmatched capacity: ultra-thin rims result in more space inside for maximum bathing comfort while keeping the bathtub’s external dimensions standard.

Premium technologies and materials: acryl, vacuum forming, produced on aluminum mold.

Low thermal conductivity keeps water in your bath warm for a longer soak.

W80A-170-070W-A Acrylic bathtub 170x70 cm



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