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AM.PM brings
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We combine the best product innovations with what we call emotional design, all delivered through a service experience that is fast, flexible and attentive. We partner with a handful of best-in-class designers, engineers and manufacturers, allowing us great flexibility, strong negotiating power and low overheads — the perfect formula for making our iconic emotional designs accessible to more people.

We all have dreams. Most of us aspire to a better lifestyle. Surrounded by beauty. By things that reflect our personality and taste. Things that prove — sometimes to others, but most importantly to ourselves — that we’ve made it.

We all have dreams. However more often than not those dreams come at a price. One that most people can’t afford.

At AM.PM we bring you extraordinary everyday places.

Emotional design — design competence, unmatched in the industry

We have unique approach to design — we call it emotional design — which brings you products with an iconic look and unique character. Our signature smooth line, combining an elegant and approachable visual impact with a soft and gentle tactile experience.

Emotional design – design competence, unmatched in the industry.

Design 3

Bjoern Vibrans, Wolfgang Wagner

Design 3, which is based in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the world’s leading design studios. It was founded in 1987 and is led by Wolfgang Wagner and Bjoern Vibrans. The studio’s creative approach is based on a modern interpretation of the classic German design values of simplicity, functionality and ease of use. The work of the studio has been granted more than 100 international design awards.


GP designpartners

Rudolf Greger, Christoph Pauschitz

GP is located in Vienna and was founded by the partners Rudolf Greger and Christoph Pauschitz in 1992. GP design partners offers more than 25 years of industrial design experience, a team of highly motivated designers and an award-winning variety of product design — from bathroom facilities to cableways, from baby products to solar lights. GP delivers — in an ongoing manner — sustainable success in the market place, including for global players such as Philips, Siemens, Doppelmayr and MAM.



Claudia Danelon, Federico Meroni

Innovative London-based product design studio DanelonMeroni is led by founders Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni. They combine expertise in architecture and interior and product design with an understanding of brand experience to create products that are beautiful, functional and desirable. Since founding the studio, DanelonMeroni’s home and bathroom collections have been featured in major European trade fairs and widely published in the design press.


Design Partners

Thomas Langvad Jensen and Thomas Overgaard Jørgensen

Thomas Langvad Jensen and Thomas Overgaard Jørgensen Design Partners is an extraordinary young design studio located in Denmark. It draws inspiration from the infinite variety of the world around us and combines natural shapes with cutting-edge materials and technologies.

Gneiss Group

Torben S. Jørgensen

The renowned Gneiss Group design agency was established in 2002 by architect Torben C. Jørgensen. His philosophy is to exceed expectations by creating brilliant, intuitive design solutions based on careful study of what people need, want and desire.


Affordable premium

We quickly adopt and build on the latest trends and innovations from the high-end market and make them more affordable. We scout the market for the most exciting innovations, often taking inspiration from different industries. We curate and further develop these new features, often combining them into one product.

Precision and quality of German engineering — we invest in engineering brains, not machines

Our engineers are based across Germany, developing innovative new features and technology as well as setting the standards for the brand and catering for quality control and testing.

Quality control

Our quality control is second to none: affordable price with no compromises. Meeting the highest standards in all segments (ГОСТ, DIN, DVGW, EN). An in-house quality control team that is second to none.

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