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Gem: the most anticipated premiere of this year is already on sale.

Every 2 years the most dynamic brand AM.PM produces 2 super collections that conquer the market with their unique design and functionality. The year 2017 was not an exception: in August, the most anticipated premiere of this summer was launched - the Gem collections.

We created Gem for bright and dynamic fans of cool designer things and for those who do not want to overpay. Every detail of this stylish collection has been thought through to the smallest details, from excellent ergonomics to great functionality.

The design was developed by leading European studios: GP designpartners, Austria and DanelonMeroni, Great Britain. In this creative tandem exceptional products were created: this collection can be boldly called a diamond in the accessible segment due to the characteristic facets and the outstanding hexagonal form. Products are presented in all commodity categories.

The original hexagonal shape of the mixer knob, which is memorized at a glance, sets the tone to the whole collection, and the side facets emphasize the design and give personality. This style is also traced in other products.

The collection presents a wide range of furniture in different sizes and the most trendy finishes: glossy and matte options, and also imitation of natural wood and a variety of color solutions. Quality of products exceeds world standards. So in bases under the sink the maximum possible load on boxes in the segment is up to 35 kg. Environmentally friendly and surprisingly durable polyacrylic enamels are used in decoration - the special technology of painting in 7 layers surpasses the technology of applying automatic enamel from leading German brands and provides a rich color throughout the life of the product (from 10 years).

Pentagonal shape, compact shower column and a wide entrance are the distinctive characteristics of the hydromassage cabin Gem. All this maximizes the internal space. Also, you will certainly appreciate a comfortable shelf with a built-in water spout and integrated mirror - stylish and without interference for cleaning!

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