Grand design and proportions for a luxury home — a distinctive style that defines the individuality of the Bliss L collection.

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Large, durable, with luxurious shapes, the Bliss L mixer is a perfect example of a chic timeless design for a beloved home.

Designed with the perfect combination of pneumatics and mechanics — for easy switching between bath and shower, even at low pressures.

A solid, one-piece design, meticulously engineered with a thick body to make it super-quiet.

35mm diameter SoftMotion ceramic cartridge exclusively developed for AM.PM — makes it easy to control water flow and works perfectly even at pressure drops.

Unmatched functionality and absolute usability: flowing through the aerator water is mixed with air to prevent splashing. It also features Rub&Clean to keep the aerator limescale-free effortlessly as never before.

Outperforms EN Standards sevenfold: tested for 500,000 operations.

F5310064 Single-lever bath and shower mixer



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